Easter is almost upon us, and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family, you are in the right place! We at Antica Siena offer you some splendid ones Sienese ceramic creations (handmade in Italy by our staff) with an Easter theme. Discover our gift ideas now!

Antica Siena Easter Eggs

easter egg gift idea

Who doesn’t love Easter eggs? They give a lot of joy, they are beautiful and perfect to give to loved ones. We at Antica Siena have made several eggs, both for the Siena 200 collection than for the Siena 175 collection . The eggs of the first collection depict the typical Tuscan landscape painted and made entirely by hand by our expert craftsmen. These creations give so much elegance and vitality to any type of environment e they are different from each other .

On the Easter eggs of the Siena 200 Collection you will find landscapes, sunflowers , country houses and much more. Would you like to make your gift even more special? Personalize it! Our staff is happy to accommodate your every request! You can change the size, lettering and decorations.

Easter eggs from Antica Siena

For ours Siena 175 collection instead we offer Easter Eggs with little Tuscan bird , a typical decoration of culture and of Sienese history . The bright colors of this subject convey a lot of joy and win the hearts of young and old.



Even if this is not the classic Easter gift, know that the horseshoe is considered a universal good luck charm . According to tradition, if a horseshoe is hung on a house door in a raised position (“U”), it will bring luck to all its inhabitants! In Italy it has also always been considered a very popular piece of furniture. We at Antica Siena have been making and painting this lovely ornament by hand since 1979.

If this year you want to give something original and different from the usual, the Horseshoe could be a great idea! Those who receive it can hang it anywhere: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall, in the tavern and even abroad. It will give away a rustic touch to the house and hopefully it will bring a lot of luck!

The dishes of Antica Siena

Plate Black and White Collection

Antica Siena dishes are perfect for surprising and making someone happy. Do you have to make a gift to a person who loves tradition? In this regard, we recommend the dishes of Black and White Collection ; the latter are inspired by the marbles of the cathedral of Siena. A few examples? The plates depicting the two doe looking at each other (decoration on the floor of the Siena Cathedral) and the plates with the traditional majolica .

contrade dish

If, on the other hand, the recipient of your gift appreciates the history, in particular that of Siena, you could opt for the dishes with the traditional decorations of the Contrade . The colorful decorations of the Contrade are available both in the traditional version and faithful to the symbolism, and in the modern version. The Contradas of every dish moreover, they are chosen randomly and can be changed to your liking.

These are just some of our proposals. With Antica Siena you are spoiled for choice! One thing is certain: whatever you choose, you will make the Easter of your loved ones really special.

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