In this post, I decided to report a story that still today, after many years, makes us happy and that I believe can fully represent the passion that we at Antica Siena put into our work.

About five years ago, John and Peggy, an American couple from Phoenix, came to one of the shops in Antica Siena to purchase some of our artwork. The two customers were so impressed by our kindness and our services, that they decided to give us a gift: a very nice jar . A short time ago, while I was reorganizing the warehouse, I found this vase and decided to put it on display in the shop.

John and Peggy’s gift

Although it’s been years, I’ve decided to write a letter that I share with you to thank these special customers:

Dear John and Peggy,

today, while I was tidying up our warehouse, I found a beautiful object full of many meanings: the vase you gave us during your stay in Siena. This vase, even after many years, represents for us the friendship, fairness, strength and positive energy that you still manage to transmit to us after all these years.

Thinking about the fact that customers remember us, even after many years, for us at Antica Siena is pure magic! The vase is beautiful and congratulations to the artist.

A big hug and… we are waiting for you in Siena!

Leonardo Giorgi and all the Staff x Antica Siena Since 1979 by Martini Marisa

After a few days came the answer from Peggy and John:

Dear Leonardo,

We are really happy to read you and to know that you are fine! Peggy and I had planned to return to Italy in October last year, but obviously, with COVID, it wasn’t possible. I am really glad you like the vase and that you remember your friends from Phoenix!

Also the tiles that we have taken from you always remind us of you and your wonderful staff.

We gave you the vase to thank you for your kindness and your availability towards us. We felt truly pampered!

I take this opportunity to wish you our best wishes to you and your staff. We are so lucky to have friends like you in Italy, a country we love very much for its places and people.

Best regards,

John and Peggy Yoder

In the last email, John and Peggy have attached photos of the Antica Siena tiles they used to decorate their house walls. All this has made us extremely proud of both our work and our products that continue to make people from all over the world fall in love with them. I thank Peggy, John and all the customers who every day give us the strength to go forward and create our works with the same passion of the past.

Tiles from Antica Siena
The tiles of Antica Siena in the home of Peggy and John
The tiles of Antica Siena

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