Ancient Siena handmade since 1979 authentic works of art with great passion and dedication. In its vast catalog of products, in addition to vases, tiles, trays and cups, we find wonderful plates belonging to different collections.

For its ceramic plates, Antica Siena is inspired by the most typical aspects of the city: the wonderful inlaid floor of Duomo , the colors and the heraldry of the seventeen Contrade into which the historic center is divided, the private collections and landscapes typical of the Tuscan countryside. In this article, we will talk about the collection Black and white , Contrade of Siena is Tuscan landscape.

Siena Collection: Black and White

For this collection, the expert craftsmen of Antica Siena are inspired by the black and white of the marbles of Siena cathedral . An example are the two doe looking at each other : this decoration is on the floor of the cathedral. In the Black and White collection we also find the traditional majolica which joins a new studio on black earth glazed in white. This choice was made to recall the colors of the cathedral on a material level.

The dishes of the Bianco e Nero collection are perfect to adorn your kitchen : you can hang them, display them on shelves (or in the shop window) and use them for serve on the table during special occasions. We remind you that Antica Siena gives its customers the opportunity to ask for plates in different sizes.

Siena Collection: Contrade di Siena

Plate with Contrade di Siena

For the uninitiated, the city of Siena within its medieval walls is historically divided into seventeen Contrade, each with its own well-defined coat of arms, colors, motto and territory. The districts are non-profit organizations with elected representative bodies. The districts have gained worldwide fame thanks to the Palio di Siena.

Antica Siena, for this collection, is inspired by traditional decorations of the Contrade . The colorful decorations of the Contrade are available both in the traditional version and faithful to the symbology, both in the version modern . The Contradas of every dish furthermore, and are randomly chosen you can change them to your liking.

Finally, we would like to remind you that all the objects depicting the Contrade have the authorization of the Consortium for the Protection of the Palio .

Siena Collection: Tuscan landscape

For this collection, Antica Siena is inspired by the beauties of Tuscan countryside . His plates depict landscapes , lemons, flowers and the unspoiled nature of this land. Perfect for display in the kitchen and for serving important dishes.