Beauty is an indispensable and essential part for every type of home. In fact, when a home (especially the interior spaces) is ugly or poorly maintained, it is difficult to go further and create an emotional relationship and a connection with it. An unattractive home also makes its inhabitants and guests uncomfortable.

A pleasant and attractive aesthetic that enhances your personal taste instead plays a fundamental psychological role in helping you stay calm, carefree and peaceful. We at Antica Siena are well aware of this aspect and, for this reason, we offer new works of art every day, such as vases, artistic jugs and decorated tiles able to give your home an elegant and extremely pleasant appearance.

What are the “tricks” to furnish your home (with taste)? Let’s find out together.

Don’t be in a hurry – Home decorating tips

The home is the place where we invest most of our energy. In this period, in particular, many people spend most of their time at home because they work in smart working and because they cannot go out due to the restrictions imposed by pandemic from Covid 19 .

For this reason, your home must always be taken care of and never left to chance. Maintaining a personalized and elegant home will stimulate your creativity, provoke a sense of pride and reinforce the fact that your home is also the place where your heart is . Also, contrary to popular belief, a beautiful home doesn’t have to be expensive or upset overnight. Do not rush, start in small steps . For example, you could start with one room at a time. An advice? Try to embellish your kitchen with the beautiful ones Sienese ceramic plates from Antica Siena . These authentic works of art will add a touch of tradition and elegance to your kitchen.

Dishes for the home Antica Siena
Ancient Siena ceramic plates

Mix styles

Do you have a modern house characterized by geometric and clean lines? In these cases, it is good to be careful not to fall into the “cold and aseptic” effect. In the last few years, it is very fashionable to mix styles . You could for example place a nice decorated vase from Ancient Siena near your sofa or in your study. This mix of tradition and innovation will give your home a warmer and more welcoming look.

Vase for the house of Antica Siena
Hand-decorated vase from Antica Siena

Ask for advice

The house you live in affects your mindset, your ability to shape relationships, work effectiveness, and even your health. Whether it’s nautical motifs or rural decorations, a personalized home gives all its inhabitants a sense of pride and peace . However, not everyone is an interior design expert and it often becomes difficult to orient yourself and make choices. We at Antica Siena are always ready to advise all our customers. If you have any doubts, you can for example bring photos of your rooms. Based on them, we will certainly be able to advise you the best. Our Sienese ceramics will give your home an elegant, traditional and magical look .

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