Who we are

Who we are

From an artist with whimsical soul,

Our story begins in the 70s

After having dressed for almost twenty years as a seamstress for the most prominent Sienese bourgeoisie, Marisa decided to give vent to her hitherto repressed passion, that of ceramics. It was thus that together with her husband Alvaro Giorgi, in 1979 she opened the first shop of ceramics, in the beautiful Via Del Capitano, in the center of Siena. It was thus that ceramics and its wonderful world, rich in colors and imagination, entered the Giorgi family, and also fascinated their son Leonardo, current owner of “Antica Siena e Martini Marisa “

It all started with mother Marisa

Martini Marisa

Ceramic is a living thing that is born and grows in the hands of the artist as a creature; it is like a child who is carried from conception to adulthood, when he leaves it in the hands of those who will know how to take care of it: our customers

Then Leonardo’s passion

Leonardo Giorgi

It was wonderful for me, when I went to help my mom, to see that from an earthen bread the “creature” can be born with the shapes, colors, shades that you have thought, dreamed, studied imagined. And still today it is like this for me: it is incredible how we manage to interpret the fantasies of our friends and customers, and as with them, we create unique objects all over the world.

In Piazza del Campo there is the original family shop

This is where the first Sienese ceramics began to be created, and here we were able to show our artistic creativity to the Sienese.

In this shop we started what is now “Antica Siena di Martini Marisa“, a commercial activity that has turned out to be a made in Italy production exported all over the world.

The old shop from 1979

Piazza del campo, 12 – Siena (Italy)

In Via del Capitano there is our first large Sienese ceramic store.

With this shop we started to expand our ceramic business, involving new artists and new master potters.

This is where our international fame began, which recognizes us as creators of unique pieces based on the artist’s inspiration or according to the needs of our customers.

The Ceramics of the Artists

Via del Capitano, 11 – Siena (Italy)

The tradition of the nativity scene and the art of ceramics, in this unique shop

Marisa’s passion for the nativity scene led to the fusion of art with the sacred, making each nativity scene become a unique and inimitable piece.

Here you will find a vast assortment of Tuscan and Italian nativity scenes of all kinds and sizes: in paper mache, in wood pulp, in ceramic, in terracotta, in plaster, in wood.
All the nativity scenes are always handcrafted by trusted artisans, some of whom have collaborated with the company since the beginning

The artistic nativity scenes, from all over Italy

Via del Capitano, 5 – Siena (Italy)