Antica Siena , in its vast catalog of Sienese ceramic works of art, offers a particular ornamental object that never goes out of fashion : the horseshoe . This charming creation can be hung on the wall of any room, even outside. In this article we will talk about its meaning and our processing method.

Meaning of the Horseshoe

It is considered a universal good luck charm. According to common tradition, if a horseshoe is hung on a door in a raised position (“U”), it brings good luck; if, on the other hand, it is hung in a lowered position, rather than luck, it will be bad luck knocking on your door. Folk traditions also differ from each other in some details: for example whether the horseshoe must be new or used, found or purchased, or whether it can be touched or not.

In Italy , is a much appreciated piece of furniture. In some regions, it is traditional to give a horseshoe to newlyweds. It will bring them lots of luck and love! We at Antica Siena we have been making and hand painting this pretty ornament since 1979 .

Handcrafted processing method

First of all, we mix the ceramic and we check that there are no impurities. After that, let’s proceed with the shaping : it is an extremely delicate operation that serves to give the shape of our object. When the shape is ready, we move on to the first firing: in an oven we insert the ceramic that fires to one temperature of 1040 degrees . During this phase, the ceramic becomes hard and very resistant.

Subsequently, our staff proceeds with the decoration. Everything is done freehand. With extreme precision, all its various parts are painted with only the help of a very thin brush. The realization of a single piece it takes many hours and requires a lot of experience.


Where to hang the Horseshoe

The Horseshoe it can be hung wherever you want: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall, in the tavern and even abroad. It gives a rustic touch to your home and don’t forget it brings good luck! The horseshoe can also become one beautiful gift idea for friends , relatives and newlyweds! If you buy it in-store, our staff will be happy to create a gift box!

If you prefer to order online, please know that our shipments are at 100% insured and our packages, thanks to careful packaging, are always delivered intact. What are you waiting for? Order now the wonderful Horseshoes of Antica Siena!