Customer satisfaction always comes first for us . Customers come from Antica Siena from all over the world and many of these return or write to us to thank us. All this makes us very proud and represents a great push for us to do better and commit ourselves to our work. What do customers say about us? Here are some testimonies that I hope will be of help to those who do not yet know us.

A postcard from Indiana – What they say about us

Hi, the beautiful ceramics arrived in perfect condition. Thank you. We hope to return another time. Christa Jones

An email from California – What they say about us

Hi, my name is Sara Jackson.

Thursday I met a beautiful woman at your shop in Piazza Campo. Not only did he sell me two beautiful cooking jugs but he also helped me call a taxi in the rain and take the bus back to Florence. I want to thank this lady with all my heart. I will always remember your kindness!

We went back to California the other night and I wanted to send you an email right away to thank you and to tell you that your cooking jugs have arrived safe and sound. I would like to order some cups , a table service , and other articles from your site but I haven’t received the English version of the site yet. Maybe you can send it to me so I can order your beautiful works of art.

Thanks again for your help and hope to hear from you soon!


This was our response to Sarah’s email:

Hi Sarah,

we are happy that the jugs arrived home intact. If you like, send us some photos. They will surely look great in your kitchen! You don’t have to thank us, it seemed only right to help a client in difficulty! I hope you and your family will return here to Italy soon. Obviously, we at Antica Siena are waiting for you!

As for the English version of our site, we are working on it and will send you all the information you want as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you order from the site, you do not have to worry, your products will be packed with extreme care.

In the meantime, we thank you for your beautiful email and we hope to see you again.

The Staff of Antica Siena.