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Ceramiche artistiche dal 1979
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J.Turner, Huntsville

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J.Turner, Huntsville

Dear Leonardo,

Thank you so much for wonderful way my package was prepared and wrapped.    It arrived late yesterday afternoon.    Everything arrived in excellent condition.   I love it and would like to have  purchased several other pieces of your fine pottery.    I had a wonderful vacation/holiday in your beautiful country and made wonderful memories.

Thank you again for your care and service.

As we say in the States so often—I hope to see you again and here in the Southern states  (Alabama)  we say, “Y’all come!”


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  • Carlos & Geraldine Carreon

    Rispondi 29/06/2018 04:51

    Antica Siena Ceramics is amazing! Our trip October 2017 we were privileged to purchase beautiful ceramics we had only dreamed of. We picked out the design and then waited for our pieces to be made just for us. We chose the YellowDragon pattern. We bought a service for 4. Everything arrived in December as promised. It was unbelievable the wrapping and protection our gems arrived in perfect condition! Friend and family are in awe! We will return for more pieces in the near future! Thank You Antica Siena.

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