Anniversario di Antica Siena
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Anniversary of Antica Siena: a journey into the past

In a few days is the Anniversary of Antica Siena ! The April 18, 1979 Marisa Martini, driven by her immense passion and dedication to the art of Sienese ceramics, founded an artisan reality that still today conquers and makes people from all over the world fall in love. We have decided to celebrate this important event by retracing the history of Antica Siena and analyzing the creative evolution of our works of art.

The first creations of Antica Siena

Anniversary Antica Siena Plate 1979

Marisa Martini , back in 1979, he made for Antica Siena the first course entirely made and hand painted depicting the two doe looking at each other. The prevailing colors of this creation are green, blue and yellow. The dish in question was a great success, so much so that today we find it again, in a modern version in Siena 10 collection .

In the same period, Marisa made another plate depicting the knight Guidoriccio da Fogliano on horseback. He was imperial vicar of Reggio nell’Emilia, mayor of Padua and Verona and captain of the army of the Republic of Siena. It went down in history for its depiction in the famous fresco by Simone Martini located in the public palace of Siena which represents it at the siege of Montemassi. What is striking about this plate are the decorations around the plate and the deep blue used for the sky.


At the beginning of the 80s, Marisa decides to create a collection inspired by the famous ones Contrade of the Palio of Siena . In this plate, for example, the city of Siena is depicted (in the center) the balzana of Siena (above) and the coats of arms, the colors of the districts of the Palio di Siena along the outline.

The centerpiece with swan handles, lion-shaped feet and orange-gold griffin decoration on a ruby background and band with copper green peacock tail was made and painted entirely by hand by Marisa Martini. This work of art, Top Top Quality , is inspired by a private collection of the 1500s.

During the first years of activity, furnishing accessories are made with Tuscan birds. In this serving tray, the yellow birds are surrounded by the classic Tuscan turquoise decoration.

Today’s creations – Anniversary of Antica Siena

While maintaining the same style and commitment in transmitting the history and beauty of Siena, over the years the creations of Antica Siena have been perfected and modernized . For her Siena 200 Collection, Marisa and her staff still make plates depicting the floor decorations of the Siena Cathedral.

Siena 200 collection today Anniversary of Antica Siena

An example is the dish with the doe . Unlike the first proposal from 1979, the colors are more vivid , the drawing appears more detailed and the more sophisticated decorations. The dish in question is part of ours Siena 200 collection .

Siena 200 collection

The Siena 200 Collection offers dishes,table center, brings salt , soap holder for the wall, cups , trays and ceramic eggs . For this collection, we are not only inspired by the floor of the Siena Cathedral but also by the Tuscan landscape , its olive trees and sunflowers. It’s a unique collection of its kind capable of transmitting all the beauty of our land.

For more information, visit our online shop! Were you fascinated by our first creations dating back to 1979? You can order them! Obviously they will not be identical because our creations, being made and painted entirely by hand, they are different from each other.

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